9 Ways to Tame Each Day

Getting Organized

How to Use Your Time Wisely

Ever wish you had a life coach who could offer tips and tricks to a better and more organized life? Well, now you do. Here are some tried and true ways to organize your life so you can really enjoy it. 

One of the best ways to live a fulfilling life is to set yourself up for success by removing the distractions and clutter in your schedule and in your environment. Use your time wisely by integrating the following habits into your life. Before you know it, you’ll be a superstar.

1) Get ready for work or school the night before.

Rather than rushing around in the morning looking for clothing and items you need for that day, get everything ready the evening before. Your mornings will be much more peaceful and being late will become a distant memory.

2) Create tomorrow’s to-do list, tonight! 

Set aside 10 minutes each evening to plan out the next day. Make this a habit. Create a short list of the most important items that you need to accomplish.  Look ahead for the things that must be tackled and integrate that into your list. Much of the chaos of life comes from not planning for obstacles that can be anticipated. It’s a good feeling to be able to work around these obstacles and get so much more done.

3) Begin your day with last night’s list.

Once you’ve rolled out of bed and pulled yourself together, look over your list of important items and get started. Keep at it until the items on the list have been completed, then you can move on to other items that didn’t make it on to your list. 

4) Use a calendar and make your family use it. 

Put up a big calendar that everyone in the family can see and use. It’s a lot easier to stay organized this way. At a glance, you can see everyone’s activities for the month. When something needs to be added, the person responsible for it can add it.

Kitchen with calendar on table.

5) Put things away when you’re finished using them. 

It’s possible to prevent most of the clutter in your home by putting things away when you’ve finished using them. Everything that you have to pick up and put away is something that you or someone else failed to put back in the proper place after using it. Make sure all of the members of your family are in the habit of putting things back after they’ve used it. 

6) Declutter part of one drawer or closet each day.

Did you know that clutter begins in closed spaces before it spreads to other areas of your home? So take a bit of time every day decluttering a drawer or closet. Get rid of items you don’t need and move items that you don’t use often It might take a few times until you get the drawers and closet looking the way you want them to. 

7) Create a basic filing system.

At the very least, assign a file drawer in a desk as the home of your filing system. Or use a portable containers that hold file folders and store on a shelf. Organize your important papers, paid and unpaid bills, and anything else that needs to be saved.

8) Eliminate one show from your life.

Time spent in front of the video screen is largely wasted. Drop one TV or Netflix program and use the time for something more constructive. Learn a new skill or keep in touch with long lost family and friends. They’ll be so happy to hear from you, especially if you are just calling to say hello. 

9) Spend 20 minutes picking up the house each night.

Make it a ritual for the entire family. Several pairs of hands can get a lot done in 20 minutes. Set a timer and have a race to see who can get the most done.

Have you noticed that simplifying your life is mostly about doing a few simple things each day? It only takes a few, new habits to enhance your life and create a greater sense of well-being. It’s that simple. Now you can tame your day and stay sane.

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