Our Testimonials – Satisfied Tenants

Our Happy Tenants

Some of the happiest people in the world happen to be satisfied tenants. Big time! 

Just take a minute to read these testimonials and see if we match your needs for an amazing experience living with us.


“I rented a home from them and the whole process from start to finish was a very welcoming experience. Everyone that I came in contact with at the office was very nice and helpful. I would recommend them to others.”

T. W.


“I haven’t had any issues with my place. Love living here. Thank you guys.”

C. White


We’ve been very happy with TMWG as landlords. They’ve been very responsive, and have done a good job handling our tenants and tenant issues.

David L.


I’ve been with this company for 2.5 years and have no complaints. They handle everything soup to nuts and make handling tough tenants look easy.

Brian G


As a tenant, The Mount Washington Group is quick to answer my maintenance requests. They’re usually attended to within 24 hours.

David A

The Mt Washington Group is dedicated to providing exceptional rental experiences for tenants, which is why tenants are happy to rent from us. Here are a few  of the reasons:

  1. Responsive and Supportive: The Mt Washington Group is known for its prompt and reliable customer service. They are quick to address any maintenance requests or concerns that tenants may have. Their attentive approach ensures that tenants feel supported and valued throughout their tenancy.

  2. Hassle-Free Process: From the initial rental application to lease signing and move-in, The Mt Washington Group streamlines the entire rental process. They make it easy for tenants to find and secure a rental property that meets their needs, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

  3. Well-Maintained Properties: The Mt Washington Group takes pride in maintaining their rental properties to the highest standards. Tenants can expect clean, well-maintained, and updated homes that are comfortable and functional. This attention to detail enhances the overall living experience for tenants.

  4. Transparent Communication: Effective communication is key to a positive tenant-landlord relationship. The Mt Washington Group maintains open and transparent communication with their tenants, keeping them informed about any changes, updates, or important information regarding their rental property. This helps foster trust and ensures that tenants feel heard and valued.

  5. Strong Tenant Support: The Mt Washington Group understands that happy tenants are more likely to renew their leases and recommend their properties to others. As a result, they prioritize tenant satisfaction and go above and beyond to address any issues promptly. Their commitment to tenant support creates a sense of community and fosters long-term relationships with their tenants.

In conclusion, tenants are happy to rent from The Mt Washington Group because of their responsive customer service, hassle-free rental process, well-maintained properties, transparent communication, and strong tenant support. Renting from The Mt Washington Group provides tenants with a positive and enjoyable living experience, making them feel valued and satisfied with their choice of rental property.