Apartment vs. Townhome: Choosing Your Rental in Baltimore

Baltimore’s charm lies not just in its rich history and friendly neighborhoods, but also in the variety of housing options it offers. Here at The Mt. Washington Group, we understand that finding the perfect long-term rental is a personal decision. Whether you crave the convenience of an apartment or the extra space of a townhouse, we have something for everyone. But before you start browsing listings, it’s important to consider which option best suits your lifestyle.

Apartment Living: Budget Friendly and Convenient

Apartments offer a streamlined living experience ideal for busy professionals, students, or downsizers. Imagine stepping out your door and being just minutes away from stores, restaurants, and transportation. 

Pros of Apartment Living:

  • Lower Cost: Apartments are generally more affordable than townhomes, especially when considering factors such as utilities.
  • Less Maintenance: Landlords typically handle repairs and maintenance for apartments, freeing you up from yard work, snow removal, or unexpected plumbing issues.
  • Security and Amenities: Many apartment buildings offer security features like controlled access and on-site staff, providing peace of mind. Additionally, amenities like laundry facilities on-site can be a major convenience.

Cons of Apartment Living:

  • Limited Space: Apartments typically offer less living space than townhomes. This can be a challenge for families or those who work from home.
  • Noise Concerns: Sharing walls with neighbors can lead to noise disturbances.
  • Less Privacy: Living in close proximity to others can mean less privacy compared to a  townhouse.
  • Restrictions on Pets: Some apartment buildings have restrictions on pets. The Mt Washington only allows cats, not dogs. Townhome entrance and an apartment entrance.

Townhome Living: Space and a Touch of Home

Townhomes offer a middle ground between the convenience of an apartment and the spaciousness of a single-family home. Many townhomes have at least two floors, private entrances, and a patio or small yard. This layout provides a greater sense of privacy and can be ideal for families with children or those who enjoy entertaining.

Pros of Townhome Living:

  • More Space: Townhomes provide significantly more living space than apartments, making them ideal for couples, families, and roommates.
  • Increased Privacy: Sharing only one or two walls with neighbors results in a quieter and more private living experience.
  • Sense of Community: Townhome communities often foster a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, offering a sense of belonging.
  • Private Outdoor Space: Some townhomes may offer a patio or yard, perfect for barbecuing, gardening, and a place to get some fresh air.

Cons of Townhome Living:

  • Higher Cost: Townhomes typically have higher rents than apartments due to the increased space and amenities. 
  • Stairs: Townhomes typically have two or more floors connected by stairs. This can be a challenge for people with limited mobility or small children who are still learning to navigate stairs safely.

Ultimately, the Best Choice Depends on You

The decision between an apartment and a townhouse hinges on your individual needs and preferences. Consider these factors to make an informed choice:

  • Budget: Apartments are generally a more budget-friendly option compared to townhomes.
  • Lifestyle: Do you value convenience and location or prioritize space and privacy?
  • Household Size: For larger families or those with pets, townhomes can offer more breathing room.
  • Maintenance: The Mt. Washington Group handles maintenance for both apartment and townhome rentals, offering peace of mind for all residents.
  • Mobility: If stairs are a concern, inquire about ground-floor apartments.
  • Consider your commute: If you rely on public transportation, look for apartments or townhomes close to bus lines or train stations.
  • Think about parking: If you own a car, factor in parking.

The Mt. Washington Group: Your Partner in Finding Your Dream Baltimore Home

Whether you’re drawn to the cozy nature of an apartment or the extra space and privacy of a townhouse, The Mt. Washington Group is here to help you find your dream rental in Baltimore. With a diverse selection of apartments and townhomes in charming neighborhoods throughout the city, we offer something for everyone.

Browse our listings today and take the first step towards making Baltimore your home!