4 BD Rowhome in Southwest Baltimore

This beautifully renovated 4 bed 2.5 bath row home is located in the quiet neighborhood of Irvington on 346 Marydell Rd. The home features a breakfast bar, open kitchen, and many other amenities. The revamped kitchen includes a dishwasher and a washer and dryer unit. There is a partially finished basement and a covered front porch. There is a fenced in driveway! This property takes vouchers.

The row home is in Irvington, a neighborhood in Southwest Baltimore with a urban suburban vibe. It is centered around a three-block business district. Residents shop in Downtown Baltimore, Inner Harbor, and the Catonsville shopping district.

Check Out the Art in Baltimore

If art is your thing then, you will love living in Baltimore which has a special art scene. There are many murals, outdoor sculptures and traditional museums including the Baltimore Museum of Art, Contemporary Museum, and Walters Art Museum as well as underappreciated spots like The Visionary Arts museum that will be sure to impress you. You will enjoy the sheer variety of artwork combined with its quality and individuality.

Here are some tips if you want to visit the Baltimore Museum of Art with your family. 1. You can bring a stroller. 2. The restrooms contain baby changing stations. 3. Soft baby carriers may be used with your baby in the front, but cannot be used to place your baby on the back. 4. Hard baby carriers are not allowed. 5. Try to look at just a few items at a time when you are with your children.  An hour—or even half an hour—may be enough time. As admission is free, you can always come back.