Northeast Baltimore

This 3 BD, 2 BA townhome on 5612 Frankford Ave features wood flooring, huge fenced backyard, washer and dryer, central AC and heat, and a fully finished basement. It is just a quick hop on the Beltway to shopping, recreation and Downtown Baltimore.

While this townhome at 5612 Frankford Ave, Baltimore, MD 21206 is no longer available, we have plenty of other properties available. So be sure to contact us for more information: 410-764-7355 x2.

Located in Northeast Baltimore, Frankford is approximately 5 miles from the city center and a few blocks east of Morgan State University. Even though it is close to downtown, this neighborhood still feels like a community that attracts folks of all ages and family sizes.

Nearby Parks

For outdoor enthusiasts, Moores Run is nearby and so is Radecke Park. The park is described as clean and quiet. Because there is not a lot of shade be sure to bring a hat and bottled water in the summer months in order to avoid getting dehydrated.

This is a nice family park with a playground swings and a walking track. Children can play, ride their bikes, roller skate or roller blade. Adults can jog or do calisthenics.

As you are probably aware, excessive video game playing is not good for childhood development. Physical activity is vital to the physical and emotional health of children. They should be getting much more exercise than they probably are, which is why taking them to a park is the perfect solution. Let them get out in the open air as often as possible – every few days, at the very least.