Office in Northwest Baltimore

This is a large renovated office in the heart of Northwest Baltimore. It has 5 rooms, 3 half baths and features attractive flooring, air conditioning and heat. This office is located on the entry level of a 4-story apartment building that contains 55 apartments and 5 offices. It is only a few minutes to Reisterstown Road, which offers easy access to an array of convenient shops, restaurants, markets, and services. Several nearby Metro stations connect this area to Greater Baltimore.

This office is just a 4-minute drive to Reisterstown Plaza Metro station on Wabash Avenue. It is across the street from a large strip mall that includes a Home Depot and a Giant grocery store. The Metro Subway serves the greater Baltimore area. It is operated by the Maryland Transit Administration. Less than half of the subway line is underground, while most of is at surface level or elevated above ground.

This office is only a 10-minute drive to I-695 (Baltimore Beltway).

Create a Great Office Space

If you need office furniture or office supplies you will be happy to learn that this location is only a 7-minute drive to Staples where you can get everything you need to give your office space a new look. Create a practical entryway with a coat tree or stand for coats and comfortable chairs. Invest in an ergonomic chair for yourself, which is perfect for increased comfort, or try using a standing  desk that will encourage energy.

Brighten up your office with LED desk lights-great if you want to use less electricity! Keep papers neat and organized by getting desktop letter trays; stock up on notebooks if you prefer writing down ideas instead of typing them out; be sure to have an extra ream of copy & printer paper in the file cabinet so that it is always ready when needed. Do not forget snacks and beverages too.

Did you know you can find great laptops at Staples (or go for a 2-in-1 tablet). Pick noise cancelling headphones that will block out all background distractions such as other people talking nearby: they are also excellent if there are multiple screens at once on display at work because these headphones block them all out while still delivering full sound quality. Finally, get some monitor stands to make more space on the desks.

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