How to Make Spring Cleaning Enjoyable

And Get Things Done

This spring you can make cleaning enjoyable as you whip your house into shape.

While not everyone loves to clean, everyone loves the feeling of a clean and orderly home. With the right mindset you will find that spring cleaning is good for your house and good for you too. You’ll get a great sense of accomplishment, your house will look its best and you will get some exercise. Look forward to all of these results, imagine them and it will make it so much easier to get started.

If you are living with family, now’s the time to get them involved. If not, you will manage just fine on your own.

Think workout, think music, think results! Let’s get ready to roll:

Spring Cleaning with Mop, Bucket and Cleaning Caddy

1. Gather together your spring cleaning equipment.

You’ll need plastic gloves, sponges, clean rags, scrub brush, mop, broom, dustpan, duster or dusting mitt, multi-surface cleaner or cleaning wipes, glass cleaner and vacuum cleaner.

2. Get out the ladder or stepstool.

This is the right time to wipe down those hard to reach places. Include ceiling fans, the tops of doors, and light fixtures. Do this dusting and cleaning first so you can clean up whatever falls to the ground afterwards. Remember, we always start at the top and clean downwards.

3. Wipe down all surfaces.

Take the time to wipe down every surface you can. There may be certain things that you don’t think need cleaning, but you really never know where dirt has settled throughout the year. Grab a cloth and clean your walls, cabinets, counters and tables.

4. Deep clean carpets and upholstery.

Because deep cleaning is not something that is part of our ordinary cleaning routine, spring cleaning offers the right the opportunity. Why not rent a steam cleaner and clean all of your carpets and upholstery? If you don’t want to rent a steam cleaner then be sure to vacuum your upholstery, carpets, rugs, cabinets, corners, etc.

5. Get rid of unused items.

As you are cleaning you will come across items you no longer need or use. Therefore, clearly label large bags: “give away” and “throwaway”. When the bags are full drop off the giveaways at a local donation center and throw out the garbage bag. When you come across items that you do use make sure to put back them back in their place as the saying goes: A place for everything and everything in its place.

Try to reward yourself at the end of each day as you make good progress. Do something special for yourself, go out for a meal, go to the movies, catch a game, visit a friend or anything else that you look forward to.

Make spring cleaning easy and fun by listening to music, dividing up the cleaning between rooms and take breaks when you get tired. Instead of trying to clean your entire home into one weekend, just tackle one room at a time. In the course of a few days you’ll be amazed to see how much progress you’ve made and it will give you the incentive to finish up and enjoy a job well done.

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