15 Fast Stress Busters for Home or Work

It’s easy to be stress-free when you’re on vacation as you walk along the beach or sit next to the pool with a good book. However, stress builds up when the kids are home sick and your inbox is overflowing at work.

Fortunately, there are ways to make relaxing anywhere simple and quick.

Try these 15 fast stress busters at home or in the office.

Home Relaxation Tips:

Forget about television, many studies suggest that constant television exposure contributes to long-term discontent. Instead try one of the options below:

1. Listen to music.

Turn on your favorite artist/band. Sit down and pay attention without trying to multitask. Sing along. Close your eyes and pretend you are at a concert.

2. Visualize a peaceful scene.

Guided imagery is another powerful technique. Picture a scene that makes you feel tranquil inside and out. Imagine yourself walking through a field of flowers or swimming in a cool lagoon.

3. Treat your feet.

Fill a basin with warm water and bubble bath to give yourself a foot bath.

4. Drink something warm and soothing.

Add vanilla or cinnamon to warm milk or sip a cup of chamomile tea before bed. Any warm beverage without caffeine can be soothing.

5. Inhale calm.

Try a variety of essential oils used for relaxation. Some favorites include lavender, valerian, and bergamot orange.

6. Turn off your phone.

Put your phone away and make family meals and the hour before bedtime a phone-free zone.

7. Meditate briefly.

Even a few minutes of meditation can increase your mindfulness. Pull up a cushion and observe your thoughts.

Work Relaxation Tips:

Don’t be afraid to take a short time out at work because periodic breaks make you more productive. Here are a few more fast stress busters you can try:

1. Breathe deeply.

When you feel tense, turn your attention to your breath. Inhale deeply from your abdomen and lengthen your exhalations.

2. Smile.

Studies show that smiling reduces stress and makes us feel good. Smiling is contagious. So start the day by wishing your coworkers a cheerful good morning and remember to look happy when you’re on the phone.

3. Adjust your posture.

Scan your body to release any spots where you may be holding on to stress. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and press them down. Relax your forehead and blink your eyes.

4. Chew gum.

Would you believe that chewing gum fights anxiety? Pop a stick into your mouth for a few minutes before performance appraisals or sales calls.

5. Stretch your muscles.

Stand up and perform a few static stretches. Lower yourself into a forward bend. Clasp your elbows behind your back.

6. Squeeze a ball.

Squeezing a stress ball helps us to release and relax our muscles. It not only helps reduce stress but can also improve concentration and creativity.

7. Take a walk.

If possible, head outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. If you need to stay indoors, climb a few flights of stairs or walk from one end of the office to the other.

8. Laugh about it.

Look for the humor in challenging situations. Share a joke with a coworker or post funny quotes around your desk. Laughter loosens up your muscles and boosts your immune system.

Regular relaxation keeps your mind and body healthy and strong. Try these fast stress busters and come up with other ideas that can relieve your nerves and renew your energy.

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