This Is How You Feed Your Family Well Without Breaking the Bank

Finding healthy ways to feed the family can often be challenging but with a little creativity, it’s very possible to get healthy, budget-friendly food choices so both your family and your wallet reap the benefits. Try these tips to feed your family well while cutting your food budget.

Consider the following food purchasing and food preparation tips

1. Make it easier to eat at home than eat out.

Keep your pantry stocked by buying in bulk at cheaper supermarkets such as Aldi, Market Basket or Costco. This way you will not be faced with an empty pantry and be tempted to buy take out.
Make a meal plan that includes the items you can buy in bulk and that are on sale. Use leftovers to make new meals. Try packaging treats and snacks at home instead of buying ready made.

2. Learn to make new recipes.

You can learn about new recipes with online videos from popular sites such as: or When you start making foods you enjoy you will be less tempted to eat out.

Cooking Techniques That Are Affordable and Healthy

Food Budget Friendly Kitchen

Try these healthy cooking ideas for a change of pace and more change in your pocket

1. Go grilled, not fried.

If you have kids in the family, then there’s a great chance that they will want kid friendly meals like fish fingers or chicken nuggets. While those items may not necessarily be very expensive in the supermarket, they’re not as nutritious as their grilled counterparts. Therefore try to grill or bake those items instead of frying them.

2. Make homemade sauces.

A great alternative to unhealthy store-bought condiments is to make your own relishes and sauces at home. They will be tasty and much less expensive than the grocery store variety.

3. Prepare your own juices.

You’d be surprised at how much sugar or artificial sweetener is contained in many fruit juices sold in stores today. Why not save yourself the extra dollars and your family the extra calories by making juices yourself? Fruits are relatively affordable – especially if you buy them locally and in season – so buying your own and making your own juices is a healthier and more affordable option.

4. Lean on beans.

Keep cans of beans and legumes such as chickpeas, black-eyed peas, lentils, kidney bean, pinto beans and cannellini in the cupboard to use in salads, pasta, stir-fries, soups, dips and sandwiches. Dried beans are even less expensive than canned and cook up easily.

Many people end up choosing the more expensive and less healthy eating options for their families simply because they assume healthy eating is more expensive. While it can be more expensive sometimes, a little creativity and imagination can definitely allow you to cook and eat healthier on a budget.

So now is the time to put your thinking cap on and find smarter ways to eat healthy and feed your family while saving money. A limited budget doesn’t mean limited nutrition; find creative ways to make “1+1” equal healthy and affordable. This is how you feed your family without breaking the bank.

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