How to Make Your Bathroom Beautiful on a Budget

Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Beautiful

Did you know that there are inexpensive ways to make your bathroom more beautiful even if you are only renting your current apartment? Here are some ideas to give it a whole new look without investing a lot of money or time. You’ll be pleased at what a big impact a few changes can have on your bathroom. Therefore we are pleased to introduce these easy ways to refresh your bathroom on a budget.

Develop Attractive Storage Solutions

1. Reduce the clutter.

Your bathroom will look better instantly if you get rid of toiletries that have passed their prime. For the rest, make your own attractive storage items.

2. Use towel rack alternatives.

Show off your prettiest towels by rolling them up in a steel bucket or a wooden wine rack or fold them up and hang them on the rungs of a small wooden ladder.

3. Make your own storage items.

Skip the expensive ready-made storage systems and make your own from rummage sale finds and items you already have around the house. An old nightstand or set of drawers can be moved into the bathroom. Hair dryers can be stored in fabric bags. Wicker baskets with lids can be used to store and cover bathroom gear. Fill a mesh bag organizer with cute bath toys and hang it next to the bathtub with suction cups.

Refresh Your Bathroom Tiles and Walls

nautical bathroom decor

1. Go nautical.

Hang an anchor, sea shells, a ship steering wheel or seahorses to give your bathroom a whole new theme.

2. Buy a new pretty mirror (or decorate your current one).

Add patterns to ordinary mirrors. Use stencils and enamel paint to sprinkle your mirror with flowers and hearts. Or add mirror stickers to give your mirrors a new look.

3. Give your old tiles a new shine.

Dingy tiles might just need is a thorough scrubbing with a strong tile cleaner to restore them to their original luster.

Try New Accessories

1. Replace your shower curtain.

A new shower curtain can transform your bathroom. Pick up styles you like when they’re on sale so you’ll have replacements around when you feel like a change. Substitute colorful ribbons for plain old plastic curtain rings.

2. Get some plants.

Plants will cleanse the air while they make your surroundings look green and outdoorsy. For a bathroom, select one that tolerates high humidity such as a Peace Lily, a Boston Fern, an Orchid or a Spider Plant.

3. Pull up a chair.

A simple chair can make your bathroom feel more gracious. Wait for a sale and buy a colorful plastic chair (so the water won’t ruin it).

4. Replace your old light bulbs.

The entire bathroom will look brighter if you trade your old light bulbs for newer, energy-saving ones. Keep scented candles on hand for bath time.

A Beautiful Bathroom

Creating a beautiful bathroom space is more an investment of energy rather than money. With the right accessories, you can make your bathroom look fabulous on a small budget.

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